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Box Seat 901

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The BOX Seat 901 is the value model of the BOX Seat stadium seating range; it’s everything you need and nothing that you don’t. It utilises the same unique rail system as all of the BOX Seat models, making it easy to upgrade your stadium in the future. When high density or maximum capacity is the key to operational revenue the 901 model is the seating solution.

The BOX Seat's set of unique features and benefits make this stadium seat ergonomic, innovative and timeless. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Trip hazard prevention design - the seat's linear geometry allows for tight seating alignment which prevents trip hazards (view brochure for more information)
  • 'Set and forget' strap system - firmly secures the seat to the rail. Periodic tightening and maintenance are no longer required as the patented strap will not loosen or 'creep'
  • Dynamic Sleeve Interchange - the seat sleeves are interchangeable allowing for branding patterns or easy reconfiguration and maintenance
  • 'Plug and play' installation - cleverly designed to make installation both safe for the installers and time efficient
  • UV Protected - The seat is designed to be protected from UV damage to the seat surface.
  • Tight folding design - this allows for the widest clearway between rows for accessibility in and out and to on-site vendors
  • High backrest advantage - the high backrest creates a safe egress along with exceptional comfort
  • Environmental sustainability - engineered to reduce material and energy consumption.  All components can be recycled or reused

Options and Accessories:

  • Upholstered and contoured pad options available for superior comfort, with an integrated waterfall front edge to alleviate under thigh pressure.
  • Cup holders available.
  • Optional armrests available.
  • Range of folding table and press table solutions available.

Wide variety of options available for design, finishing, optional extras and colour range.  
Enquire for our fully detailed brochure.

Dimensions Box Seat 901Dimensions Box Seat 901