Axor Luxury

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The Axor Luxury range includes comfortable padded and upholstered seating on a retractable system.  This retractable seating range is ideal for theatres and venues wanting to provide comfort and sophistication while still maintaining a flexible and multipurpose space.

Our proprietary Axor telescopic platform system or retractable seating system is designed in New Zealand by Effuzi Seating. The system complies with New Zealand and International standards.

The heart of Axor retractable seating is the engineered under-structure that ensures a smooth operation coupled with maximum long-term performance.  From the 150mm needle-bearing non-marking wheels, to the full length integrated guide system, Axor is engineered for stability, strength and safe performance for the years ahead.

Effuzi offers a wide variety of seating options from the basic bleacher type retractable system through to padded and upholstered luxury theatre seats.  When designing a seating system there are many considerations such as:

  • Type of system - fixed, recessed, mobile or travelling freestanding.
  • Seat style and finish options - A range of seat styles available from bleacher seating to padded and upholstered theatre seats
  • Seat fold down options - manual, manual semi-automatic folding or semi-automatic folding
  • Platform movement options - integrated motors, power tractor, portable dollies, manual or forklift
  • Deck finishes - clear plywood, phenolic non-slip finish, carpet or vinyl
  • Aesthetic finishes for rear and sides of system - fascia panels, side panels, rear panels or curtains
  • Safety rails - self-stacking, folding, removable
  • Accessibility & non-slip options
  • Accessories - aisle lighting, floor overlay boards, row numbers and writing tablets


Our team will work with you to design a solution that works best for your space.  Enquire for a detailed information PDF.