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Belgrave’s Cameo Cinemas re-opened on December 26 2003, marking a new era for this cherished cinema.

When the Cameo opened in 1935, it was a true “picture palace” of its time, boasting relatively ornate features of the Art Deco period and a distinctive “shadow decoration” of silhouetted trees on the cinema’s interior walls.  It also featured the renowned foot warmers, still in place to this day.

The Cameo was purchased by Eddie Tamir, who had achieved success with another cinema in need of renovation, programming expertise, and renewed energy. 

The new Cameo Cinemas, featuring five stylish cinemas and an outdoor cinema, reopened in December 2003 with a mix of new art-house films, quality blockbusters for adults and children, and world cinema classics.  The cinema retains its finest historical features from the Art Deco period, together with decorative flourishes from its post 1970s life and a “touch of glamour”.

An additional 2 cinemas were added at the rear of cinema 1 and are fitted out with Effuzi’s luxury Phatt cinema chair and the Cameo now boasts 8 screens all screening the latest art-house/independent and quality mainstream new release films.